Why can't I clean my roof?

It takes years of experience to reach a high level of competency. Pressure washers aren’t designed to clean soft surfaces such as roofs, decks and siding.

An inexperienced person can damage materials so that they need to be replaced, costing the homeowner possibly more than ten times the amount of hiring out the job.

Safety is another consideration. About 30,000 people get hurt each year, and 6,000 die from falling off ladders, according to recent estimates.

How does moss hurt my roof?

Moss and fungi actually eat your roof and use it for food. Their presence retains water and causes decay. Roof maintenance is necessary for the life of your roof.

Does roof cleaning really benefit me?

Your roof will look better and last longer. Roof maintenance can help your roof last two to three times longer. Without regular cleaning, you can cut the life expectancy of the roof in half.

How do you clean a roof?

It depends on the roofing material and the extent of debris and damage. First, we use a high-quality blower to remove debris. Blowing the debris off before washing cuts down on the amount of fragments that fall into gutters and downspouts.

Next, we clean gutters and downspouts. While blowing the roof, we inspect for damage or installation inconsistencies. For composition and tile roofs, a water-based treatment is applied to kill moss, spores and roots.

Finally, we gently wash the dead moss off and check and clean your gutters again.

For shake roofs, we clean debris off by blowing, then clean your gutters and check downspouts. Next, we use a high water volume with low pressure. Once the roof is debris free and the repairs are complete, we apply a treatment using a low-pressure sprayer.

Does the Northwest weather affect my roof?

All facets of our weather cause damage. On cedar roofs, sunlight and heat create a cellular breakdown of wood fibers.

Rain allows moisture to draw the natural oil (thujaplicins) out of cedar wood, leaving it defenseless against natural decaying organisms, such as fungi and mosses. During cold winters, the moisture in your cedar shakes or shingles will expand and break down the wood fibers. Wind-blown debris — such as leaves, pine needles and dirt — traps rot and creates moisture on cedar roofs.

Without proper roof maintenance, the costly effects of the Northwest weather will turn your cedar roof into a moist pasture for hungry fungi and mosses.

Asphalt shingle roofs provide an excellent food source for organisms, giving them everything they need to grow.

Asphalt shingles today contain limestone fillers to help add weight to the shingles. The algae feed on these fillers, and over time degrades your shingles. This can decrease the life span of your roof by years.

Will cleaning harm my landscape?

There is always potential for damage to plant life. However, our job as roof cleaning professionals is to help limit any risk to your landscaping and property. We will inform you if we see a possible issue.

How long does a roof stay clean?

This depends on rainfall and climate conditions, tree coverage, and tree proximity to your home. The more trees you have and the closer those trees are to your house, can impact on how long your roof stays clean. Most roofs will stay free from visible growth for approximately 2-4 years.

Are there steps I can take to prevent a dirty roof?

The most important thing you can do is to keep debris off your roof. Blowing your roof every year at a minimum would help keep any plant root systems from lifting and eating your roof.

Other important steps are to clean gutters at least every 6 months and to keep birds off your roof. Bird droppings cause a lot of roof damage. Bird strips can be added if this is a problem at your home.


Why should I clean my gutters?

Gutters are designed to catch and divert rainwater from the home. When gutters fill with debris, water backs up and overflows. This leads to basement flooding and structural damage to your roof, roof rot, and gutter damage.

Moisture attracts wood destroying insects, too. Additionally, if your gutters are hidden in pillars or columns it is even more important to clean them. Water can seep unseen into walls, which is a fire hazard.

How do you clean my gutters?

We use our hands to remove debris inside and around the gutter and then clean the gutter internally and externally. Next, we remove debris and clogs from downspouts and check that water runs through freely. We also check for leaks and make repairs or add covers if needed.

Would gutter covers help?

In our area, many gutter covers are not effective. The screens create a landing spot for leaves and don’t blow off fast enough to allow the rain water in. This creates the same problem as a clogged gutter. If you’re thinking of adding a cover, call us to assess the best choice for your home.


How do you clean my siding?

We begin with a mild siding wash and treat any existing algae and mildew. We check for cracks and caulk and repair damage as needed. We can add bird blocks and repair screens to keep bees, birds, and squirrels from gaining access to your home. We can also touch up areas with paint or stain.


Why does my wood need protection?

Rain, snow, mildew, mold and the sun can rapidly destroy the looks and condition of the exterior wood. Constant temperature variations, along with wet and dry cycles, shrink and swell wood, which leads to cracking, checking, and splitting.

Cleaning and sealing will not only moisturize the dry wood but will also provide an attractive finish which resists graying, and protects against mildew.


Can you remove stains from my driveway?

Most mold, lichen, algae, paint, mortar and even oil stains can be removed. If any stains look as if they’ll be difficult to remove, we’ll tell you before we begin.


Why should I clean my windows?

Unmaintained windows will eventually become dirty permanently. Your home is most likely your most valuable asset and you should want to preserve its value. Window washing is rated the best return on investment when selling a home.

Power Washing

What is power washing?

A high-pressure stream of water is passed through a sprayer that is moved gradually and cautiously, back and forth along the grain, over the surfaces to be cleaned.

The power washer can convert garden hose pressure of 40 psi (pounds per square inch) to as high as 3000 psi. Pressure is changed during cleaning as needed to suit the type, age, and condition of the substrate.


What if I need help with something not listed on your website?

We do more than just roof cleaning. If you have a task that involves the use of a ladder or a pressure washer, we can probably help. Call 360-387-8740.

Maintenance Plans

What options do you have in your service plans?

You can choose between quarterly, semi-annual, or annual service. Call Arrowhead Roof Cleaning to customize a plan that suits you at 360-387-8740.


What products will you be using around my home?

We use a variety of products depending on the needs of your home. All of our products are very safe and effective. Here are some of the products we may use:
  • Miracle Cover- A non-toxic environmentally friendly water-based sealant emulsion made of inorganic silicone, rubber, and water. Used for sealing roofs and patios. Safe for people, pets, plants, and the environment
  • Pro-TEK- Cedar roof treatment for killing moss, biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Simple Green- Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-corrosive cleaners
  • Lilly Miller- Moss Out or Bulk Zinc Sulfate- is a naturally occurring mineral. Biodegradable, no chlorine, no ammonia, no phosphates

What cities and towns do you serve?

  • Camano Island
  • Clinton,
  • Coupeville
  • Freeland
  • Langley
  • Oak Harbor
  • Prairie Center
  • Alger
  • Anacortes
  • Bay View
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  • Mount Vernon
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  • Sedro-Woolley
  • Alderwood Manor
  • Arlington
  • Arlington Heights
  • Brier, Bryant
  • Canyon Park
  • Cathan
  • Cathcart
  • Clearview
  • Darlington
  • Darrington
  • Delta Junction
  • East Stanwood
  • Echo Lake
  • Edgewater
  • Edmonds
  • Esperance
  • Everett
  • Fobes Hill
  • Gold Bar
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  • Mill Creek
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  • Mountlake Terrace
  • Mukilteo
  • North Creek
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  • Three Lakes
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  • Verlot
  • Warm Beach
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  • West Lake Stevens
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  • Birch Bay
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  • Peaceful Valley
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  • Strandell
  • Sudden Valley
  • Sumas


What do your services cost?

It all depends on the service being provided and the time involved. Call for a FREE estimate.

Consultation Process

What’s involved in a consultation?

Consultation includes a full inspection of the area requested, a discussion over what was found, or problems that may arise from the cleaning or repair, and what materials would be used. This will also be when we provide you with a FREE estimate.


How long will it take to provide any of your services?

It’s all relative to the service being provided and how large the task will be. Call 360-387-8740 to schedule your consultation.